Long Day's Journey into Night

Finding a credible source is often extremely hard now days. There is an excess amount of information that floods to every individual within milliseconds of clicking enter. So when legitimate sources are found, like Kate N. Johnson and Lauren Yarger, it is difficult to decide if they are legitimate or not.

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The Female Fighter

The biblical Deborah was a courageous judge and warrior of ancient Israel. At a time when gender roles were set in stone and men were expected and obligated to fight, Deborah fought for God's chosen people, defending them from the tyrannies of the surrounding nations.

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President McKinley

Since February 15th of 1898, there has been a major question that has never been fully answered. U.S President McKinley, decided to send a ship to check on the Cubans. Under Spain control, many Cubans pleaded for help as they were forced into concentration camps.

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